Your plan

Step 1

Understanding the crazier sex

The difference between the psychology of women and men. Home and infield exercises to boost your confidence and charisma.

Step 2

Change yourself

Growing out of your comfort zone is never easy; especially when years of insecurities are layered on top of us. This chapter guides you through what is expected of you as a man, and a technique to manifest your desired traits

Step 3

Stand out

Learn exactly what she is looking for in a man and how to project yourself in an attractive manner. Master your social dynamics by getting to a through understanding of your role is a leader

Step 4

Conquer your fears

Learn how to be the right kind of leader and the kind of power that women are attracted to. By virtue of commitment, I will teach you how to grow some balls and break out your comfort zone.

Step 5

Get her insecurities to work for you

Master the art of sutblety and learn the correct phrasing to flip an otherwise negative situation into a winning line. I'll outline some exercises which will enable you to excel at negotiation

Step 6

Nice guy mentality

Learn why only "nice guys" make comments about "nice guys". In this chapter, I'll help you cultivate your true power through multiple game strategies.