In response to Covid, I am also offering my 6-step plan as a weekly subscription, with the first week free, and a full money back guranatee (see FAQ for more details). This 6-step plan covers all the outcomes from the previous page, giving you knowledge about how to understand women, how to align your mind for success, and how to be the leader. You will learn the leading inner and outer methods of attraction, and how to get her insecurities to work for you. You will also recieve a pandemic-proof weekly action plan enabling you to see the direct results of your work.

Pickup Mastery
7.99 /week
Weekly chapters: 6-step pickup mastery
Trackable action plan
3 responses tailored to your situation
After 6 weeks: Weekly premium pickup content and access to my private weekly agony aunt podcast
Money back guarantee
200 /month
Tailored monthly sessions
Mock date and fully personalized analysis report
Unlimited email communication
Everything in Pickup Mastery