Hi, I am Erika Jordan! You can find more information about me here, here, here, and here. As a very brief “Who am I?”, I am a serial dater and have been on over 1000 first dates. I have extensive experience in the adult industry and have also worked directly with the pioneers of pickup, seduction and game. 

I (originally) created this website to sell my real time coaching services, which consist of Skype sessions with me. In real time, we can work on the 6-step plan you saw previously to enable you to get back full control of your love life. However, almost all my clients find that these sessions lead to positive transformations in every aspect of their life. Alongside the dating/sex/love/life coaching, we will have real time mock dates which will allow me to provide you provide a full detailed analysis report and directly implementable actionables.

In response to COVID, I have modified the 6-step plan so it works as an email newsletter. To ensure you get the most out of it, I provide you with accountability through pandemic-proof weekly action plans. The next page provides a fuller explanation.