Virtual Sexpert

Your plan

Step 1

Understanding the crazier sex

The difference between the psychology of women and men. Home and infield exercises to boost your confidence and charisma.

Step 2

Change yourself

Growing out of your comfort zone is never easy; especially when years of insecurities are layered on top of us. This chapter guides you through what is expected of you as a man, and a technique to manifest your desired traits

Step 3

Stand out

Learn exactly what she is looking for in a man and how to project yourself in an attractive manner. Master your social dynamics by getting to a through understanding of your role is a leader

Step 4

Conquer your fears

Learn how to be the right kind of leader and the kind of power that women are attracted to. By virtue of commitment, I will teach you how to grow some balls and break out your comfort zone.

Step 5

Get her insecurities to work for you

Master the art of sutblety and learn the correct phrasing to flip an otherwise negative situation into a winning line. I'll outline some exercises which will enable you to excel at negotiation

Step 6

Nice guy mentality

Learn why only "nice guys" make comments about "nice guys". In this chapter, I'll help you cultivate your true power through multiple game strategies.


Hi, I am Erika Jordan! You can find more information about me here, here, here, and here. As a very brief “Who am I?”, I am a serial dater and have been on over 1000 first dates. I have extensive experience in the adult industry and have also worked directly with the pioneers of pickup, seduction and game. 

I (originally) created this website to sell my real time coaching services, which consist of Skype sessions with me. In real time, we can work on the 6-step plan you saw previously to enable you to get back full control of your love life. However, almost all my clients find that these sessions lead to positive transformations in every aspect of their life. Alongside the dating/sex/love/life coaching, we will have real time mock dates which will allow me to provide you provide a full detailed analysis report and directly implementable actionables.

In response to COVID, I have modified the 6-step plan so it works as an email newsletter. To ensure you get the most out of it, I provide you with accountability through pandemic-proof weekly action plans. The next page provides a fuller explanation.



In response to Covid, I am also offering my 6-step plan as a weekly subscription, with the first week free, and a full money back guranatee (see FAQ for more details). This 6-step plan covers all the outcomes from the previous page, giving you knowledge about how to understand women, how to align your mind for success, and how to be the leader. You will learn the leading inner and outer methods of attraction, and how to get her insecurities to work for you. You will also recieve a pandemic-proof weekly action plan enabling you to see the direct results of your work.

Pickup Mastery
7.99 /week
Weekly chapters: 6-step pickup mastery
Trackable action plan
3 responses tailored to your situation
Post 6 weeks: Premium pickup and game content from my unreleased book (at a reduced rate of $15/month)
Money back guarantee
200 /month
Tailored monthly sessions
Mock date and fully personalized analysis report
Unlimited email communication
Everything in Pickup Mastery



This FAQ is regularly updated. If you have any questions, please email me here (erika[AT], subject: FAQ Questions)

Q: I understand the live coaching, but what exactly is the Pickup Mastery?
A: Pickup Mastery is a premium 6-week subscription designed to help you master attraction. Alongside the expected content, I’ve also created weekly action plans for you. The action plans have been created such that you are able to feel yourself improving as an individual after every week.

Q: You said something about the first week being free on a previous page. What do you mean by this?
A: Essentially what it says on the tin! I’m offering a no obligation trial. If you purchase the weekly plan, you’ll instantly receive the first week’s newsletter but will have 6 days until the first payment goes through. If you’re not a fan of the content, then unsubscribing is straightforward 🙂

Q: Could you tell me more about the money back guarantee?
A: Yes! I am super confident in this product that I’m offering a full money back guarantee if you feel that this plan did not lead to any personal development. To qualify, all you have to do is make sure you’re filling out the weekly action plans! Drop me an email after the 6 weeks if you feel like this program didn’t help you and we can take it from there.

Q: What happens after the 6 weeks?
A: Pickup and seduction are vast fields, and whilst meaningful change with your attitude and mindset will occur in these 6 weeks, it is impossible to cram everything to do with these fields in such a short period. After the 6 weeks are over, you’ll have the choice to learn more and continue your subscription at a reduced rate of $15/month. The updated subscription will allow you to continue to receive my premium content, although there will be no action plans.